30 Interesting Facts From Our 30 Year History

Uptime turns 30 today and as such the time is right to take a look back at the 30 most important, interesting, and intriguing facts and milestones from the past three decades. Of course, this list could be much-much longer, but we feel that these datums best describe the journey we’ve taken to get to where we are now.

  1. Uptime, originally called Capricorn, was founded on February 16th, 1992.
  2. In 1997, three smaller companies merged – including the firm founded in 1992 – to create Süsteemiarenduse Partnerid OÜ, a company focused on custom software development and IT-services.
  3. We’ve been working with Äripäev, the largest business-daily in Estonia, from 1994.
  4. We’ve also worked with one of the largest energy companies in the region, Alexela, since 1994.
  5. We became Oracle’s official partner in 1998.
  6. From 1999 onwards we’ve been a Certified Microsoft Partner and from 2006 we’re certified as a Gold Partner.
  7. We officially changed our name to Uptime in 2004.
  8. We’ve been ISO 9001:2015 certified since 2004.
  9. In 2006, we started offering custom SharePoint solutions, and today we are one of the best-known providers of SharePoint in the region.
  10. In 2006 we entered the Finnish market, however, we had to pull back in 2008 due to the financial crisis.
  11. In 2009 we moved into our current headquarters.
  12. We’ve been working with the SOS Children’s Village for over 10 years.
  13. In 2012, we moved into our current office in Tartu.
  14. In 2013 we were awarded as Microsoft’s Partner of the Year in Estonia.
  15. In 2015 we expanded to Norway, acquiring a majority stake in Comperio. Today the company operates under the Uptime Consulting brand.
  16. Our Swiss subsidiary was founded in 2016.
  17. 2017 marked the first year where our profits exceeded one million euros.
  18. In 2018 we expanded to Denmark.
  19. Our headcount exceeded 100 for the first time in 2018.
  20. In 2020 we expanded to the Polish market, acquiring a majority stake in JMMJ. Today the company is known as Uptime Development.
  21. Our annual turnover exceeded 10 million euros for the first time in 2020.
  22. In 2021 we joined forces with Opus Online, a company focusing on e-commerce and front-end development.
  23. Every year for the past five years, at least one ex-employee who once decided to try something new, has returned to Uptime.
  24. We were highlighted in 2021 as a good example for the usage of smart and remote work practices.
  25. Our revenue has doubled over the past three years.
  26. Today Uptime employs 160 people.
  27. In Estonia, Uptime has built one of the largest news sites there is, servicing over 5000 queries a minute at peak times.
  28. In Norway, any person doing their taxes, uses a system that is in part created by us.
  29. In Poland, Uptime has built a system that has helped to recycle over 705 tons of trash.
  30. The largest energy concern in Denmark uses a tool created by us to manage the tasks and assignments for over 10 000 people every month.

We’re sure that in 5-, 10-, or 30-years’ time we’ll get to write a follow-up for this list. Hopefully, it’ll be just as interesting, inspiring, and humbling. Thank you for your trust!

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