5 React UI Component Libraries You Should Try Out

New React component libraries are released every day, and most of them feature something that could save developers tons of time. We’ve already listed eight prominent libraries, but as new ones keep popping up, it’s time for another round. If you’re looking to make it easier to build admin interfaces, create desktop applications, or keep in line with Google’s design trends, you’ll find some good choices here.  

React Admin  

React Admin is a library for building flexible admin interfaces for B2B applications. It works in conjunction with REST and GraphQL. The library can be used for free, but for a small fee you can access an extended set of different components.  

You can learn more about React Admin here.  

React Desktop  

React Desktop is designed for building desktop applications and includes components inspired by both macOS and Windows design languages, allowing you to create native-feeling React applications for the desktop. You’ll find all the necessary design components in this library – from buttons and arrows to search boxes and pinned menu icons.  

Learn more about this library here.  


For projects where the design is more understated and corporate, Evergreen is a good option, being designed to create slightly more relaxed B2B solutions. As the name suggests, the repository doesn’t chase the latest design trends, but rather offers a range of options that look good today, tomorrow, and five years from now.  

Find out more here.  


Belle offers a huge range of mobile-friendly components that can be customized to your exact needs. You can customize the basic design as well as each individual element, so if a button needs to be slightly different, Belle can come to the rescue. This library is a pretty good one-size-fits-all solution for cases where the design doesn’t require anything too special.  

Find out more about Belle here.  

React Toolbox  

This library is designed to build applications based on Google’s Material UI principles. Components based on CSS modules work wonderfully with Webpack and help to make the development process significantly faster by following Google’s design language. If React Toolbox doesn’t feel quite right, Material Kit React is also a good alternative.  

Find out more.  

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