From Tester to Project Manager: Uptime Development’s Piotr on His Decision to Switch Roles

It’s not rare that people look for a change in their working life from time to time. However, usually, it means parting ways with your current employer and moving on to pastures new. Uptime Development’s newest project manager Piotr made the switch internally, switching roles from a tester and QA specialist to project management.

“In my career, I’ve worked as a service consultant and as a tester, so for me, this is the second bigger change,” he explained, adding that having worked as a consultant for four years, he did not see himself filling the position long-term. With that in mind, he joined Uptime Development as a QA specialist.

“Recently one of our project managers decided to leave so there was a vacancy. Our CEO asked if I’d be interested in filling that role and after some consideration, I decided to take on the challenge,” Piotr said. “I’ve had some prior experience with project management, organizing events, and managing the process from that side.”

In his new role, Piotr is responsible for spearheading client projects, ensuring that they are completed on time and on budget. Whilst project managers do not necessarily need to have deep and far-reaching tech skills, they do come in handy. In that regard, Piotr notes that his history as a tester comes in handy.

“Overall, I really enjoy project management. Of course, there is some stress and challenges to overcome, but you cannot let it consume you. You know what you need to get done and once you do, everything’s well,” he noted. “For me, this switch has not been too difficult, partly due to my prior experience in leading projects, even though they were somewhat different from what I do now.”

To assist Piotr with the transition, Uptime Development sponsored a project management course and certification, to ensure that he could be as successful as possible in his new role.

“I’m really happy to see that people within our ranks are ready and willing to undertake new challenges, grow alongside us, and trust us enough to jump into something new without too much convincing,” said Uptime Development’s HR manager Natalia Kozaczka. “It really shows that when people have ambition, then the only sky’s the limit.”

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