Innovative new program for Coop customers 

Coop Estonia has taken a significant step for consumers by launching Estonia’s largest customer program to date, allowing every shopper to choose which Coop grocery store products they want to receive discounts on. Behind the development of this innovative customer program are several companies, including Uptime. We are delighted to have been part of this extensive project, contributing to the creation of new opportunities for consumers.

This first-of-its-kind solution brings unprecedented freedom of choice to consumers and represents a true revolution in the Estonian retail sector.

Starting from June 4, 2024, Coop customers can select personalized discounts according to their preferences. According to Ranno Pajuri, Marketing Director of Coop Estonia, this step is unprecedented in the Estonian retail market, offering consumers greater control over their shopping experience than ever before.

Personalized discount products are selected using an algorithm that considers the consumer’s purchasing preferences. Although the system may provide recommendations that do not always precisely match customers’ needs, customers can adjust the discounts offered according to their preferences. Additionally, customers can discover new products as the algorithm adds suggestions based on their purchasing behavior.

Initially, the suitable discount products for each Coop customer are selected by the algorithm, which considers the specific consumer’s purchasing preferences. Since the average customer usually makes their main purchases at 2-3 different grocery stores and the system can only consider the purchase history made at Coop, the recommendations may not always meet the customer’s actual needs. Therefore, we have opened an additional option for customers to exchange products for those that suit them better in the customer portal,” explained Pajuri.

The innovative customer program is open to everyone during a three-month trial period, but thereafter a minimum purchase amount of 150 euros per month will apply, beyond which customers can use personalized discounts. This gives customers an even greater incentive to shop at Coop stores.

Personalized discounts are calculated based on the regular price of the product, and the best offer principle also applies, always ensuring the best possible price. If a customer chooses a product with a personalized discount that is also among Coop’s weekly or monthly offers, the lower price principle applies.

If the new solution proves successful and well-received by customers, Coop plans to make personalized discounts a permanent part of the customer program.

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