Job Shadow Visited Uptime and Followed Developers for a Day

IT developer´s work may look like just sitting behind the computer, but in fact it’s exciting and something interesting happens every workday. 12th grade student of Suure-Jaani High School Taavi Lipp was following the work of the Uptime developers Siim and Liis.

Taavi is interested in programming, and perhaps he would soon become a good developer. We asked what a high school graduate thinks of developer´s workday in a software company.

How did the software developer’s working day looked – what was done during the day and what was most interesting thing?

The software developer’s workday was very interesting. During the day I was able to observe how the Äripäev website was developed on the front-end side. I got the opportunity to follow another developer, whose job was to create a corporate e-mail environment between business users.

What did the software developers talked about their work and what You asked about?

Software developers have spoken about what their normal workday looks like, what is the schedule and what exactly they did during the day.

In addition, I asked why they choosed this particular job, what skills are needed to be competent in this area, and what are the pros and cons of this proffession. I was also interested in what personal characteristics are needed to become a developer.

Have Your perception changed of how the developer work looks like?

It made the idea of becoming ​​a developer even more positive. I learned that even a software developer is in need of teamwork, because it is very often necessary to consult with others and, if necessary, come up with the right solution.

The working environment is also important. Uptime Tallinn office looks like a very good working place.

The developer’s workday was interesting and fun because everything is not rigorously scheduled. The job is fascinating, and sometimes, when everything seems to be right, things do not work as they should, and the problem may be in a very simple matter, such as a missing space character.

What have You done in the past in IT and software development?

Previously, I have put together several computers myself, cleaned them, installed the necessary programs or operating systems on computers.

What have you programmed in the past?

My experience of software development is very minimal, I have made a WordPress-based website myself, and the next one I´d like to try is simple computer game to develop on my own.

How would you recommend this job to your friends?

If you are interested in the IT industry, want to create something by your own hands, for example a website, then I definitely recommend software development. In this area, you must always have the desire to learn yourself, be able to analyze and to be accurate.

What decision did you make? Is software developer the profession you are going to study?

I have not completely decided what to study. But surely this day gave me the knowledge and will to think about software developer career, because I like to create something by myself. The software developer’s job is exactly that. As Uptime developer Siim also said, it’s more interesting to create than to consume.

Job shadow Taavi “shading” developer Liisi.
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Job shadow Taavi (right) “shading” developer Siim.

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