New multi-brand webstore for Orkla

We have launched a new webstore for Orkla that consolidates various well-known brands into a single platform, offering a seamless and convenient shopping experience for both regular consumers and business clients.

Orkla ASA is a leading industrial investment company. Its scope of activity is brands and consumer-oriented companies. At present, Orkla has 12 portfolio companies.

This platform, created in collaboration with Uptime developers, hosts brands like Kalev, Põltsamaa, Felix, Taffel, Vici, Abba, Laima, and more. Each brand maintains its unique identity, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite products in a familiar environment. The unified shopping cart system simplifies the purchasing process, making shopping smooth and enjoyable.

The Orkla webstore is also a powerful marketing and campaign platform. PIM (Product Information Management) integration ensures accurate and up-to-date product information, which is critical for successful marketing campaigns. This allows brands to offer personalized and targeted campaigns, enhancing customer satisfaction and sales results.

The Uptime team is proud to be part of this project, providing top-notch software solutions and support. Our contribution included PIM integration, user interface design and development, and comprehensive technical support for the entire platform. This project is a great example of our capability to create complex and user-friendly e-commerce solutions.

The Orkla multi-brand webstore is an excellent example of how the right partnership and innovative technological solutions can create a platform that meets the expectations and needs of customers, businesses, and developers alike.

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