Overview: What’s New in React 18?

Update: React 18 is now officialy live.

React 18 has been available as a beta for quite a while now, which indicates that the final release will be here soon. As betas are usually not the best to use with live projects, many developers have still not had the chance to try out the new version for themselves. Uptime’s CTO Raimo Seero recommends that now when the release of the final version is imminent, a quick browse of everything new would be beneficial.

“React 18 offers a lot of new features developers have been waiting for. One of the biggest updates is Suspense SSR, which makes server-side rendering much more flexible and granular, allowing to more easily select which tasks will be handled on the server-side and which will be handled on the client-side,” said Seero.

React 18 also features the new Root API, Start Transition API, and several performance-related updates.

Seero recommends browsing the following materials to get a better overview of React 18:

He also recommends seeing how does React 18 affects Next.js.

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