Podcast: how has the pandemic affected people working in the IT sector?

Uptime’s CEO Eero Tohver was recently interviewed for the Töötund podcast, focusing on the jobs market, where he highlighted the current challenges that IT companies are facing when trying to hire top-level talent, but also explained how the pandemic has affected those working for IT companies.

In addition to this, Eero also highlighted the fact that the jobs market is fairly similar in all the regions where Uptime is operating, noting that, for example, both in Denmark and Estonia there’s a constant shortage of top-level talent, as such companies need to heavily focus on offering the right values, salary, and projects to attract top-performers.

He was also asked about the pandemic and its effect on people working in the sector. He noted that when it comes to people working for IT companies, the pandemic meant a noticeable increase in the amount of work to be done, but on the other hand, thanks to the specifics of their roles, most people can easily work from home at full capacity as needed.

Listen to the full episode (in Estonian) here!


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