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Uptime developed a new back-end system with a database, data source interfaces, and data logic. Äripäev’s data management team now has a new environment for data validation, correction, and additions. Infopank.ee website had already been created by Uptime earlier.

Key Objectives

  • To create complex financial analysis, business connections and business analytics database for Äripäev Info Bank for presenting business connections Dynamics clearly and graphically.
  • To ensure daily updating of the information in the Äripäev Info Bank database through various interfaces.
  • To create an environment for data administrators to process and enhance data and create them a tool for analyzing the business results of target audiences.

Uptime's Solution

  • Interfaces between Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Business Registry co-operating with external partners.
  • Data correction and updating environment for data administrators.
  • Additions and changes to the Service Layer and APIs according to the needs of the client.
  • Deploying the PowerBI Data Analysis Tool.

The aim of the Info Bank is to provide business managers and professionals an environment in which business results of their competitors and partners are presented in an easily readable form by analyzing financial and material data about companies and individuals, highlighting key indicators, helping our clients make business-critical decisions and succeeding. Uptime, in a short space of time, fulfilled our vision of a data warehouse with sophisticated details and link-oriented data slots, with which you can carry out a thorough business analysis. We will continue to develop new services and open up the potential of the new system together.

Toomas Truuverk
Deputy Director General, Chief Financial Officer, Äripäev AS

Aripaev.ee is the biggest local business media portal and one of the most visited web pages in Estonia covering business news and publishing different lifestyle portals. The business newspaper is published since 1989, company publishes also magazines, books, handbooks, information letters and organizes business conferences. The owner of Äripäev is the biggest northern media group Bonnier Group.

Uptime has been a development partner to Estonian media company Äripäev since 1994. Äripäev Infopank (“Info Bank”) is their newest development with Uptime, which involved creating a database with more than 350 000 personal profiles and 310 000 company profiles. The software development project involved the development of different tools which clients can use to make queries on the database and order specially tailored products or overviews.

With Äripäev Infopank tools it is possible to create lists with filters, based on companies and people, to support business marketing and to analyze business segments by volume. Companies can also put together target lists for sales and marketing actions.

At the Äripäev Info Bank, there is a data management module that regularly updates the information from the Business Registry, Estonian Tax and Customs Board, other public sources of information, and from direct contacts.

Uptime software development for Äripäev lasted 8 months and included a new back-end system with database, data source interfaces, and data logic. Äripäev’s data management team now has a new environment for data validation, correction, and additions. Infopank.ee website has already been created by Uptime earlier.

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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