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Being a medical professional means continuous improvement of knowledge and skills. Our partner requested a custom, easy to use, e-learning platform that allows managers to define individual development paths for each of their employees. It should also provide high-quality online training in the most user-friendly way.

Key Objectives

  • Extensive tool that includes a lot of functions needed to ensure the appropriate education of medical workers. The portal has been divided into 2 categories, from which we can: create and manage the profiles, select and assign the profession, access training participants and allocate competence matrices.
  • The user has a review of the roadmap which shows at which level on the development path a course participant is, which courses have already been completed with what effect and how many of them still remain to be solved. After completing individual courses enriched with video materials or relevant PDF files, we move on to the next stages.
  • Comprehensive completion of the training is ensured by the gain of the certificate, and you can also create and download detailed reports that prove you have all bases covered.

Uptime's Solution

We delivered a high-quality online training platform to medical staff, which is easy to use and available from anywhere. The portal is a response to lifelong learning, detailed practice and continuous innovation by the healthcare industry.

Thanks to the introduction of this platform, we provide cyclical training, during which medical workers have a chance to systematize their knowledge, be up-to-date with medical regulations or new methods of treatment and thus – a better-educated staff.

The commitment and understanding of the project’s challenge were a success for all the team. They continuously exceed our expectations.


Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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