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MD Consent is a UK-based company with the mission of transforming the informed consent process in healthcare. The company delivers more online informed consent platforms for small clinics, clinic groups, and hospitals across the private and public sectors.

Key Objectives

  • Create an application to inform patients and partners, keep them up to date, and manage the overall information flow.
  • Manage consent forms and related documentation.
  • Provide an easy-to-use dashboard with both legal and clinical information.

Uptime's Solution

The Fertility Consent application was created to inform, engage and educate patients and their partners throughout the fertility journey. It provides a ready-to-use library of materials that explains each fertility treatment stage form in an engaging way. After choosing the appropriate treatment for a patient, the patient is automatically assigned the proper forms and consents based on the selected treatment and personal preferences.

The patient has access to the patient dashboard for a clear step-by-step journey across all treatment. The app provides fertility clinics with a portal that includes medical and legal information specific to the treatment.  The clinic staff is supported daily and saves time due to the automated process for filling in forms. The system has additional messaging and content sharing features for patients using only one tool.

They stood out from the competition due to their technical credentials, flexibility, and communication skills.


Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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