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Our client is a Georgia-based health tech company providing safer healthcare through integrated, real-world data and patented technologies. The client’s platform connects patients with those who make it possible to maintain good health by creating a secure, real-time, inter and extra operable environment for patient safety.

Key Objectives

  • We developed a modular, patient-centric platform using real-world data to proactively surface vital information when it’s needed. The extensive software solutions could be used by individuals (families), providers (companies) and medical clinics.
  • Individuals were provided with solutions allowing them access to medical records, so when the user sets up an account for itself or the family, it will gain quick access to its documentation and be able to download it to Android and iOS app.
  • The user is able to track basic health stats, including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar – visually over time as well as combine its Fitbit® data with its own medical data and give doctors an overall insight into its health.

Uptime's Solution

Invaryant is the world’s first comprehensive patient-centric, data-driven platform empowering healthcare providers and pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical device development. Invaryant’s data engine enables quick access to clean and reliable data.

With a unique platform and patented technology, Invaryant is concerned with improving safety through integrated, real-time and real-world data. Invaryant is leading the way in a new era of patient safety, access, and innovation.

They are very process-driven, organized, and technically competent.

Founder, Real World Data Health IT Company

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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