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The KIDS Foundation experiments with technology to improve pediatrics and make life easier for the Children’s Memorial Health Institute patients and their families. The Children’s Memorial Health Institute is a huge hospital complex consisting of 29 buildings which include specialized clinics, wards and kilometres of long corridors connecting them. It is one of the largest pediatric hospitals in this part of Central and Eastern Europe.

Key Objectives

  • Create an app to navigate inside the hospital.
  • Use data from the hospital’s internal CMS system and enable the use of QR codes.
  • Help to manage appointments and display information about hospital treatments.

Uptime's Solution

The patient application combines many practical features such as safe navigation, a hospital guide or an information tool. All of this is wrapped up in an intuitive patient dashboard, which is also user-friendly for the youngest patients. This is a great step into the future of patient care. Using the app relieves the medical staff, so they can fully focus on the patient’s treatment, and help the ordinary patients to navigate better in the confusing hospital reality.

The application has been created thanks to the efforts of our team members: developers, analysts and testers who had devoted their time as part of the competence volunteering. An additional function is planned in the future – quick and easy cancellation of appointments that would be directly connected to the reception desk.

They are truly technology enthusiasts, focus on providing high-end development services. Their software delivery skills, commitment and experience had at a really high level.


Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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