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The Children’s Memorial Health Institute in Warsaw is the largest and the best-equipped institute of paediatric healthcare in Poland. The Centre employs roughly 2,000 physicians and staff and includes 17 wards, 29 disease-specific out-patient clinics. It is also a research institute contributing to the development of modern paediatrics in our country and a key partner of the healthcare system in Poland through transplantation activities. The Children’s Memorial Health Institute accepts about 160 patients per day, 40% of them are first-time patients. Due to many formalities during the first visit, there are large queues at the hospital, which is an additional source of stress for patients. For this reason, the patient’s registration system was created.

Key Objectives

  • The goal of the project is to reduce admission room traffic and relief administrative workload, create a clear and simple process for patient admission that will facilitate the work of medical personnel and help patients through this process without undue stress.
  • The app allows detailed planning of patient receptions within 15-minute timeframes. The medical registrar launches the shortcut on the computer’s desktop and sees the list of patients to be admitted for a given day. The list is divided into 15-minute slots, and each block display in alphabetical order the patient’s name. Each patient card ends with the name of the department where the patient will be admitted.
  • After coming into the admission room, the patient’s guardian provides the data of the patient. The medical registrar verifies whether the patient could be registered (determined by other procedures) and, if decide to register, tick the button “Appeared at the emergency room”.

Uptime's Solution

The app has helped organize and systematize the work of medical personnel and reduce the amount of time spent on administrative work. Thanks to this, each patient receives clear information when and at what time he should appear in the hospital, which makes the hospital corridors free from impatient and patients.

Medical personnel successfully use the system to plan visits, provide the necessary information to patients in advance, and predict how many people they are able to admit to a given ward every day. Also, the app included communication via SMS, which is to remind about the exact time of admission and encourage patients to prepare as good as possible for a visit to the hospital.

Effective, responsible and knowledgeable team. I’m impressed by their professionalism and preventative approach.


Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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