Tpilet's Hybrid Solution for Supporting Passenger and Parcel Transport Services


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T grupp needed software to modernize and improve the ticket sales business. The software had to ensure continuous and timely data and simplify the expansion of the sales network.

Key Objectives

  • Create a web-based software solution for passenger and parcel service companies, which would cover all the key business processes (including resource management and planning, marketing, sales, and service reporting) and related user groups
  • Create a custom hybrid cloud solution that would enable automatic up and down performance scaling of the system

Uptime's Solution

  • Interfacing with banks, accounting programs, Road Administration´s information system and many other external partners
  • Technology used: .Net, MSMQ, PostgreSQL, NServiceBus, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebApi, WPF, Azure

Good functioning of the information system that meets our customers' needs is a vital business-critical need for our organization. Uptime´s strong and competent software development team can create information systems even with very complex business logic.

Marek Tuul
Board Member

T grupp AS offers services for the public transportation system, serving more than 40 bus companies and mediating over 4 million bus tickets a year. Bus tickets are sold via Tpilet, including the website, ticket offices, and self-service ticket machines in the bigger bus stations and at the airport. The company also manages several bus stations. International market-oriented transport solutions and products are offered under the Tsolutions brand.

T grupp originally needed new software to modernize and improve ticket sales business. The software had to ensure continuous and timely data and simplify the expansion of the sales network. The idea of using the developed software as a product and going to foreign markets came later. Since then, the software is constantly upgraded and developed in order to be able to provide customers with a complete solution.

Therefore, to meet the new needs we rewrote the software and migrated it into Azure cloud. Legacy software that was running on in-house servers was repackaged/developed to Azure building blocks like web API, database service, API Apps, etc. The web server was updated with proxy configuration to support big loads. Now we have a hybrid system that runs in the cloud, leveraging all the cloud benefits. At the same time, we have synchronized the second site on-premises for disaster recovery situations.

Today Tpilet is used in Estonia, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria, and Hong Kong. Negotiations with several major bus and train companies from all over the world are ongoing.

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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