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C2S company focuses on technology for the finance department, and in particular accounts payable. The client has a range of solutions to help any size organization process to route incoming supplier invoices. The solution proposed by the client to streamline the invoice flow process is Zahara. A cloud-based software, simple to use and fast to deploy, will deliver always-on, complete visibility of expected costs and enable a more effective spending control to finance teams.

Key Objectives

  • Understanding the need for a quick statement of numbers at the end of the month, a large number of invoices, and the cash flow of the financial teams, the client proposed a solution that ensures efficiency by facilitating invoice registration and data control.
  • The customer was affected by the high costs of the promised infrastructure, the reliability and performance of the application, challenging to adapt and maintain.
  • We have upgraded the application from a standard on-premise web application to a cloud serverless web app, fully utilizing scalability and a global range of Azure services. We have also implemented DevOps best practices with the launch of Continues Integration and Continues Deployment, as well as the full management of Azure resources.

Uptime's Solution

The cloud serverless web app has helped to reduce downtimes and shorter development cycles. Processes, security and scalability levels have also been improved. The proposed solution has contributed to increased client satisfaction and loyalty. Nowadays, the Zahara helps the finance teams process vendor invoices faster, owing to which it is used by many huge corporations around the world.

They expanded and professionalized an existing cloud-based buying app used by chain hotels and restaurants. Their small team of dedicated programmers is engaging in constant, ongoing improvement cycles.


Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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