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Objectives of the project
  • Create an attractive environment that would encourage the use of taxi services through the app
  • Increase order-taking capability – with the app, a customer can get a taxi faster than making a call
  • Make the app available on iOS and Android platforms in their respective app stores
Objectives of the project
  • Make editing and managing of news creation more convenient and faster
  • Provide more dynamic visual tools to match today’s needs
  • Harmonize the topical sites’ code base to enable cost-effective and faster administration
Objectives of the project
  • Extensive tool that includes a lot of functions needed to ensure the appropriate education of medical workers. The portal has been divided into 2 categories, from which we can: create and manage the profiles, select and assign the profession, access training participants and allocate competence matrices.
  • The user has a review of the roadmap which shows at which level on the development path a course participant is, which courses have already been completed with what effect and how many of them still remain to be solved. After completing individual courses enriched with video materials or relevant PDF files, we move on to the next stages.
  • Comprehensive completion of the training is ensured by the gain of the certificate, and you can also create and download detailed reports that prove you have all bases covered.
Objectives of the project
  • We developed a modular, patient-centric platform using real-world data to proactively surface vital information when it’s needed. The extensive software solutions could be used by individuals (families), providers (companies) and medical clinics.
  • Individuals were provided with solutions allowing them access to medical records, so when the user sets up an account for itself or the family, it will gain quick access to its documentation and be able to download it to Android and iOS app.
  • The user is able to track basic health stats, including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar – visually over time as well as combine its Fitbit® data with its own medical data and give doctors an overall insight into its health.

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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