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Objectives of the project
  • The goal of the project is to reduce admission room traffic and relief administrative workload, create a clear and simple process for patient admission that will facilitate the work of medical personnel and help patients through this process without undue stress.
  • The app allows detailed planning of patient receptions within 15-minute timeframes. The medical registrar launches the shortcut on the computer’s desktop and sees the list of patients to be admitted for a given day. The list is divided into 15-minute slots, and each block display in alphabetical order the patient’s name. Each patient card ends with the name of the department where the patient will be admitted.
  • After coming into the admission room, the patient’s guardian provides the data of the patient. The medical registrar verifies whether the patient could be registered (determined by other procedures) and, if decide to register, tick the button “Appeared at the emergency room”.
Objectives of the project
  • Understanding the need for a quick statement of numbers at the end of the month, a large number of invoices, and the cash flow of the financial teams, the client proposed a solution that ensures efficiency by facilitating invoice registration and data control.
  • The customer was affected by the high costs of the promised infrastructure, the reliability and performance of the application, challenging to adapt and maintain.
  • We have upgraded the application from a standard on-premise web application to a cloud serverless web app, fully utilizing scalability and a global range of Azure services. We have also implemented DevOps best practices with the launch of Continues Integration and Continues Deployment, as well as the full management of Azure resources.
Objectives of the project
  • The HVAC sector frequently uses Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data models that describe both architectural and construction industry data. Engineers spend their workdays maintaining various control systems. To prevent this issue and to optimize all aspects of the engineers’ work, we proposed the HVAC Software.
  • The software provides two modules for different types of end-users to allow a smooth flow of information. One of the modules concerns calculations, the other on technical descriptions. The module for ventilation system engineers was delivered first.
  • The architect uploads the IFC file and the system analyses the data and generates the floor plan. Then, the engineers use this data to prepare instructions and upload them to the system. The system models predict the capacity of the space and generate a technical description.
Objectives of the project
  • The mobile application has been created mainly for public transport users who feel unsafe walking long distances between bus stops. Security Zone App is provided with a map of the nearest safe zones and makes the user-visible by the security centre, which can track its steps.
  • This is possible thanks to the beacon integration by sending a radio signal that detects mobile devices close by.
  • The application connects via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile phone at the nearest safe zone, and the user can talk to the dispatcher. Using the cameras included in the security zones, the dispatcher can assess the situation and call security services to proceed to the scene.


Objectives of the project
  • Create an app to navigate inside the hospital.
  • Use data from the hospital’s internal CMS system and enable the use of QR codes.
  • Help to manage appointments and display information about hospital treatments.
Objectives of the project
  • Create an application to inform patients and partners, keep them up to date, and manage the overall information flow.
  • Manage consent forms and related documentation.
  • Provide an easy-to-use dashboard with both legal and clinical information.

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Business Development Manager

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