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Full-Stack Development

Whilst using developers exclusively dedicated to either front-end or back-end development has its benefits, utilizing Uptime’s experienced full-stack developers can bring with it increased efficiency, less administrative burdens, higher quality, and reduced costs.

Alongside our dedicated front-end and back-end developers, Uptime employs a number of top-level full-stack developers, whose competencies include:

Improved Efficiency with Full-Stack Developers

As full-stack developers, Uptime’s employees are able to handle tasks both on the fron-end or the back-end of the workflow, as such ensuring improved integration between the two, reduced time-to-market time, more efficient workflows, and reduced administrative burden.

Our experienced developers are able to handle tasks ranging from DevOps, APIs, containers, back-end and front-end logics, payment solutions, SecurityOps, Web and Desktop Applications, and a lot more.

Our aim is to have the highest talent concentration possible and with that be able to offer the widest variety of competencies to serve your project. Our talent pool concist of people who have years of experience working with technologies ranging from Java, PHP, .NET, and Kafka, all the way to React, Vue, and Angular.

We also have robust procedures in place to ensure the constant use of best practices, keeping up to date with the latest updates, and neverending improvement of our team’s skills.

In addition to our strong tech stack, our developers are well-versed in working with various methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Domain driven development (DDD), and Test Driven Development (TDD).

Incredible team

Our aim is to be with you during the entire life cycle of the integration process – from preliminary analysis, concepts, and scope mapping, all the way to design, development, testing, launching, monitoring, and support. We know that the better we understand the needs of your business, the better the results we can come up with – that’s the beauty of long-term partnerships.

Strong tech stack

With our experience dating back to 1992, Uptime has always put an emphasis on populating its team with the best and the brightest. This enables us to offer a top-level tech stack for our clients, which includes, among others, .NET, Java, Node, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, and PHP. Combining this tech stack with our business know-how and the ability to understand our customers’ business processes, enables us to create integration solutions that drive revenue growth, improved efficiency, and innovation.


Coop’s aim was to create a new bonus system where customers could choose to collect lottery tickets instead of bonus money for points earned on purchases. The new lottery microservice had to be integrated with the CRM, the cash register system, the receipt system, Coop’s online shop and several other software solutions to ensure that the system runs smoothly, to make lottery administration as easy as possible, and to provide customers with a complete overview of what is happening with the lottery and their lottery tickets at any given moment.
One of the factories, ABB Drives needed software to manage employee skills, worktime, and training, to take account of working hours, to keep track of costs, and to produce quality control reports. To do this, Uptime developed a solution consisting of four business modules.
The system, developed by Uptime, combines many business-critical features, including item pricing, customer data management, and overall budgeting. The complex solution is also responsible for projecting and calculating the company’s turnover over a three-day period.

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Business Development Manager

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