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Located in Estonia, our team of over 200 highly skilled and efficient experts works daily to help companies all around the world achieve their goals, supplement their development personnel, and supply an end-to-end development experience.

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Our agile and cost-effective custom software development process results in easily maintainable and highly functional applications, delivered in a timely manner, that precisely meet the requirements set forth by your team.​

AI & Machine Learning

Our experienced team is able to create AI, machine learning, and computer vision solutions that meet the needs of your business, whilst being secure, scalable, and future-proof – from digital eyes to automated processing and general automation.

Our team is highly experienced with a varied and cross-functional tech stack, including Node, .NET, Java, JavaScript, React, Vue.js, Angular, Swift, Kotlin, and PHP. This enables us to build back- and front-end solutions that work together seamlessly.

Mobile Development

We’re well versed & experienced with building highly functional, fast, and future-proof iOS, Android, hybrid, and PWA mobile applications – of course offering UI and UX design that perfectly meets your expectations.

We are able to carry on development work started by your in-house development team or a former development partner. It’s also in our DNA to embed a set number of developers with your teams off-site to assist with any stages of a project.

Blockchain Applications

Our experienced team is well-versed in the technologies needed to create resilient and long-lasting blockchain solutions, including payment solutions, authentification applications, encryption solutions, and a lot more.

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Our Key Technologies

We use .Net to create everything from complex back-end and front-end solutions, all the way to full-fledged mobile and web applications, cloud-based solutions, custom e-commerce solutions, and self-service environments.

We use React.js and related technlogies in the creation of fast, scalable, powerful, and reliable web applications and web experiences that are intuitive, quick-to-market, easily maintainable, and perfectly meet the needs of your business and your customers. 

With the use of Vue.js, we create highly customizable front-end solutions. Web applications and user interfaces based on Vue.js are modern, reliable, and with lower time-to-market time than many of its alternatives.

We’ve been using Java and Java-derived technologies for more than 20 years to create software solutions ranging from serverside applications and Android applications to desktop applications and web applications.

PHP Development

Being a server-side language, PHP is used in the creation of e-commerce systems, managing dynamic content, databases, or session tracking. Being easily integratable with most of the major databases, it’s an ideal solution for many large-scale applications.

The use of Angular allows us to create interactive and dynamic single page applications that are modular, easily maintainable, easily readable, and do not require the use of third-party libraries to achieve the desired results.

We use Node.js and related technologies to create even the most complex web-based applications – ranging from powerful single-page web applications and chat solutions, all the way IoT applications and microservices.

Swift Development

Swift, created by Apple, allows us to build highly efficient native applications for all of Apple’s operating systems: iOS, macOS, tvOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. Applications created with Swift are fast, safe, reliable, and long-lasting thanks to its backing from Apple.

Kotlin Development

We use Kotlin in the creation of well-functioning, fast, and reliable Android applications, that need to provide the best possible user experience, time-to-market, and maintainability alongside Swift-based mobile applications.

Flexible & Reliable Development Partner

We’ve been building software since 1992, with the bulk of our experience coming from working with companies from Scandinavia, the Baltics, central-Europe, and the United States. Our development centers are located in Estonia and Poland, with regional offices in Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

In our work we’ve put a huge emphasis on efficiency, delivering top-quality service and customer experience, and offering a wide array of services, ranging from front- and back-end development, UI and UX design, and consultancy, all the way to project and technical analysis, technical auditing, and project management.

Our team consists of over 200 top-level professionals, with hundreds of successful projects delivered. Constant personal development, staying on top of industry news, and following the best development practices are in our DNA.


One of the factories, ABB Drives needed software to manage employee skills, worktime, and training, to take account of working hours, to keep track of costs, and to produce quality control reports. To do this, Uptime developed a solution consisting of four business modules.
MyDello’s goal was to create a digital platform that would make the ordering and management of shipping services as simple and easy as possible for the end-user. As their development partner, it was up to Uptime to help to turn this vision into a reality, by developing an easily scalable, robust, and heavily integrated application, that enables the best possible user experience for MyDello’s customers.
Uptime has been a development partner of Äripäev (Bonnier) since 1994. The development of Äripäev’s news portals and topical websites is the latest major collaboration between the parties, during which Uptime created two news sites (äripä, and 19 thematic websites (for example,,,,, etc).

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Business Development Manager

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