Summertime: Uptime held summer days by the sea

This year, the Summertime flag was hoisted at Ojako Recreation Centre in Pärnu County, where more people had arrived from the Estonian offices for the Uptime summer days than ever before.

2020 is a different year, because even employees in the same office have seen each other much less often than usual. So, there was even more reason to come together and see those who have worked at home for a long time. The summer days took place as they have been for years – with beautiful sunny weather and plenty of people. Although there were more participants from Estonian offices than ever before, this time, unfortunately, Uptime’s Norwegian, Danish, Swiss and Polish offices could not participate due to travel restrictions.

Software development is both teamwork and testing everyone’s skills. The summer days started in the same rhythm: with a new kind of science hunt, which was tested on the people of Uptime for the first time. The teams had to cope with research tasks like popular school science TV show “Rakett69”, which in addition to logical thinking also required dexterity and cooperation. Of course, there was also an opportunity for everyone to stand up for themselves and, for example, break the record of climbing a box tower or play disc golf. You could go to sea with SUP both alone and with a larger group.

The Polish team joined Uptime this summer just before the summer days, but like other offices in Norway, Denmark and Switzerland, this time they had to stay away from the summer days. We hope to see them at the next joint events.

The summer days began with the traditional hoisting of the flag and the greeting of the CEO Eero Tohver.

Disc golf, where everyone was out for themselves.

SUP a little differently: “Mürakas” accommodates the whole team.

How to build an alarm clock that will ring in 30 seconds if you only use a cordless drill, string, bucket, and a few stones? This was one of the tasks of science hunt.

The construction and use of the cannon was also accurate teamwork.

Traditional group photo – this time only Estonian offices under the Summertime flag.

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