Survey: 93% of Uptime’s Clients Would Recommend Us to Others as Well

Uptime conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey, which revealed that almost 93% of our customers would recommend us as a development partner to other companies as well. Assessing the work of Uptime as a whole, the responses highlighted Uptime’s ability to understand its customer’s business processes and the overall speed of finding solutions.

In addition to that, the respondents highly valued Uptime’s competencies and professionalism. At the same time, more than half of the respondents stated that the work of Uptime has exceeded their expectations during the last year.

When noting exceeding expectations, respondents highlighted the ability of our project managers to quickly get acquainted with new topics, industries, and projects, our project managers’/analysts’ ability to find solutions for complicated problems, as well as the fact that the solutions created by Uptime are extremely reliable and, if problems arise, solutions are found quickly.

However, the aim of the satisfaction survey is also to find any problem areas. This year, individual customers identified bottlenecks in the testing process and, in some cases, longer than expected wait times on replies.

“Of course, it’s great to hear positive feedback of our work, but to better ourselves, it’s also important for the answers to indicate where we could improve,” said Eero Tohver, CEO of Uptime. “There are always things that can be done better, and at the same time it’s nice to see how some of the bottlenecks have been corrected and are not highlighted in the coming years.”

Tohver added, jokingly, that the ultimate goal is to evoke the same emotion in each client as in the case of a respondent who stated: “Actually, I don’t want to recommend [Uptime to others] because maybe then I’ll have less for myself.”

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