Take a Peek: Uptime Moved Into its New Offices 

With the way of work rapidly changing, Uptime Development decided to do something new with its Warsaw and Lublin offices – instead of the rigid old-school offices previously used, Uptime’s employees can now take full advantage of new shared office spaces which offer more amenities than ever before. 

“We used to have regular offices like most other companies, but with less-and-less people using the office on a daily basis, we felt that it was time for a change. As such, we decided to end the leases on our old spaces and move into new shared facilities that give us more flexibility, better amenities, and the opportunity to increase or decrease our office footprint on the go,” explained Michał Jankowski, CEO of Uptime Development. 

The new Warsaw office, located in the city center, only a five-minute walk from a metro station, offers employees everything they’re used to – a great environment, comfortable tables and chairs, meeting rooms, plenty of space, and a place to really concentrate – but also something new. Jankowski explained that with the shared space, employees also have access to chill-out rooms, creative spaces, new types of events, a gym, massage sessions, cooking classes, and a lot more. 

The new office in Lublin offers similar conveniences and amenities.  

Jankowski added that sharing the building with different professionals also grants people the opportunity to meet someone new, have a change of scenery whenever they so wish, and find new ways of working. As the new building is also a lot newer than the previous one, it also offers plenty of health and safety benefits over the old location. 

“So far, the feedback from our employees has been incredibly positive. People really seem to love the new space,” said Jankowski. 

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