Those who worked at Uptime for 5 years or more grabbed the wheel and oriented in the forests of Aegviidu

At Uptime, it is tradition to bring together people who have worked for the company for more than five years to go out somewhere and do something fun and educational together. This time 5+ developers went on an off-road trip with UAZ cars. This adventure can also be called a good teamwork exercise, because it is necessary to plan your journey wisely when taking checkpoints. Currently, Uptime has 24 people who have worked for the company for more than 5 years.

It was a unique adventurous car orienteering, where the goal of the teams was to find as many checkpoints as possible in nature within a given time. The team that finds them the most wins.

The means of transport were the classic UAZ SUVs in their well-known goodness, the means of navigation were a map and GPS.

Car driving, map tracking and finding checkpoints with a GPS device were activities for the entire car crew. As this was a score orienteering, the route had to be planned cleverly, because more checkpoints are placed in nature than can be found within given time. So, the teams had to emphasize the right choices.

Each checkpoint was accessed along forest roads, there was no rally in the mud and no traces remained in nature. However, a large part of the forest trails was in a very poor condition and the use of an SUV was fully justified.

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