Uptime 25: software development for a quarter of a century

Three students registered a small IT company in 1992 to start their own business in a friend´s apartment. There were quick and shaking economic changes in Estonia in 1990ies, what small company successfully survived, got bigger and more experienced. We are a well-known international company now operating in Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and Macedonia with more than 100 professionals.

In particular, we are proud of the fact that many of our clients have been with us for over 20 years. Our goal has always been to create solutions that help our customers to be successful.

Uptime 25. Some images from the beginning.

History – 25 years of Uptime

1992: 16th of February the company’s predecessor Capricorn was founded by three students

1997: three small IT companies merged and continued operating under the name of System Development Partners

2000: we had 17 employees – half of them were involved with software development, the other half with IT maintenance services

2003: after changing our name to be understood internationally, we are known as Uptime

2006: we started Sharepoint business and are bigger in Baltics now

2013: we were invited to Houston to accept Microsoft Country Partner of the Year award

2015 and 2016: Uptime was acknowledged as the Gazelle company – fast growing company (50% of sales and profit growth within 3 years)

2015: Uptime merged with Comperio, a Norwegian-Swedish leader in search technology

2016: we merged with Swiss IT firm educo and formed a joint company Uptime Systems GmbH

2017: we are an international company with over 100 professionals and offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Macedonia

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