Uptime is one of the most successful software companies, according to IT TOP

Business daily Äripäev (part of Bonnier Group) has published the annual rankings of the ITC companies, IT TOP 100. Uptime is continually on the highest top of the rankings, sharing the 12th and 13th place this year.

The summary table was compiled by assessing certain financial metrics of the ITC sector companies and calculating their economic indicators of 2015. Most important KPI-s to weigh were revenue, increase of revenue compared to 2014, EBIT, increase in operating profit compared to 2014, economic efficiency and return on assets.

CEO Eero Tohver considers 2015 to be successful: „Last year we focused on strengthening our role among international software development service providers and increased our presence in Sweden, Norway and Switzerland by opening the local offices in those markets. This naturally affected our financial situation a bit, making us give away few places in the ranking compared to 2014, but the new partnerships and increasing customer-base offer us new exciting possibilities and ways to grow. I want to thank our customers, partners and employees, who empower us to keep doing better year-to-year.“

A summary list of most successful IT service providers is published every autumn.

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