Uptime Poland CEO Michał Jankowski: Companies are Getting Used to the New Situation

Michał grew up with computers starting from age of 6-7 with Commodore 64. Later he started learning programming from local newspaper. Now he is Uptime Poland CEO and is responsible for managing Polish office. He has been working in IT for more than 15 years with many industries like automotive, finance, pharmacy, energy.

When have you started with IT and computers?

I can say that I grew up with computers. I got my first computer, a Commodore 64 at the age of 6-7, then I learned to program at the about 16 years old from a newspaper course.

I studied software engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology where I got master’s degree in software design. During studies I started to work in the IT department of a law firm.  And later on, with my friend Jack we decided to start a business at last year in University. So, we did JMMJ – a software company.

How did the company start?

Jack Malinowski and I participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup student competition and the name of our team came from our initials – JMMJ. Later, when choosing a name for the company, we decided to keep it. It happened in our last year at the university.

What is the current software development market in Poland and what has changed recently?

We have been operating mainly in the automotive and financial companies market, but lately pharmaceutical companies have been added to our clients portfolio. Pharmacy sector is changing a lot because of current situation, and digitalization of these companies is speeding up. Automotive situation is not bad for them either, new sales waves have come up in car leasing after the viral crisis.

Situation is more difficult for smaller companies and less established companies, mostly for startups. It is more difficult for startups to get investments right now. Tourism and aviation companies are also in a quite bad situation.

However, corporate customers still maintain their orders.

Crisis started to calm down in the end of 2020. By the time of Poland’s third lockdown, we will no longer be firefighters, wiping out damage in our customers businesses with quick projects as in the beginning of virus crisis. We can already make developments more calmly. Longer projects are coming again, companies are getting used to the new situation. Working at home now is something people got used to and is less affecting doing business than a half year ago.

What are some of the more exciting works currently underway?

There are some interesting projects in the field of pharmacy. We are working togheter with Polpharma on a winning proposal from Leothoton Hackthon. Project targets industrial waste managment. We also are working on solutions bringing changes to automotive industry with DEKRA Polska.

What do you like most about working for a company?

I like everyday challenges. If earlier there were daily challenges in software development, there are more in business management now. Leading a team of very talented people, we can offer our customers new cutting-edge solutions and this is very exciting.

The general atmosphere is open, there is no distance between people, although we must work from home again now. Relationships are friendly, many friendships have been made inside the company.

What are your hobbies in your free time?

In my free time I do sports, travel, skiing, kitesurfing. When I travel on a motorbike, the main goal is not the destination, but the road itself.

Before the lockdown at the company, we used to have many different activities outside the office, too, like playing Lasergame, bowling or paintball. Now guys moved to playing computer games online together.

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