Uptime Received for the 11th Time in a Row, the Yearly Microsoft Gold Partner Certificate

Microsoft issues a certificate of Gold Partner every year, and Uptime received one for the 11th time in a row. Uptime was the first IT company in Estonia to reach the level of Gold Partner in the area of Collaboration and Content and the only company in the country who has been able to keep such level consistently.

Microsoft provides a very powerful platform for developing software solutions. Uptime has created for example, solutions for ABB Eesti (www.abb.ee) and Estonian news portal www.aripaev.ee (Estonian business news) on the Microsoft platform.

Gold Partner Certificate is a quality guarantee confirming that Uptime is capable and skilful enough to develop business-critical software and support for the whole life cycle of software. This means that Uptime can take full responsibility for developing, maintenance and support of software solutions, clients can then focus to their core business and not worry about software.

It´s not easy to become a Microsoft Gold Partner. You must do a lot of work. “A Gold Partner must prove itself every year against Microsoft’s high criteria. For example, a developer must complete the necessary volume of development and integration projects, there must be enough certified specialists among programmers and so on,” explained Uptime CTO Raimo Seero.

Uptime focuses mainly on MS SharePoint Server and Office 365 platform developments, maintenance and consulting, supporting both intranet SharePoint Solutions and cloud services based on Office 365 and Azure. We do software development for document management and information systems, group working and telecommuting solutions, intranet and extranet portals, including hybrid solutions.

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