Uptime Summer Days 2021: Fire Sculptures, Raft Building, and Amazing People

Once again, Uptime held its annual Summer Days, this time in scenic central Estonia, granting all of Uptime’s staff and their families the opportunity to kick back a little and to meet both the new and old colleagues from other offices in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

“The Summer Days are always special, but this time even a bit more than usual: this was the first time that the Polish team and the Opus and Upitech teams, which joined the Uptime family last year, also participated,” said Eero Tohver, CEO of Uptime. “The Summer Days are an ideal opportunity to get to know all those colleagues with whom you may not come into contact on a daily basis.” 

Margus Eha, the head of Opus and Upitech, noted that the participation of the recently joined teams at the festivities was an ideal opportunity for many of the team members to see each other face to face for the first time. “Many of us have already worked on various projects together, but the ongoing situation means that many choose a home office as their daily workplace. Meeting in person helps to put a real face to the voice heard on Teams calls,” he said. 

In addition to the annual Summer Days, Uptime also hosts action-packed Winter Days for its employees to offer even more variety to their daily work and to give everyone interested the opportunity to socialize with colleagues with whom it is not possible on a daily basis. 

Summer Days 2021: from hoisting the flag to a festive evening 

The Uptime Summer Days began with the traditional hoisting of the flag, this time by Margus, the head of Opus, and Michal, the head of Uptime’s Polish office. The hoisting of the flag and the opening remarks were followed by a challenging team exercise, where a raft that could keep two of the team members afloat had to be built with limited resources. During the ensuing boat race, the rafts built were put to the test. Surprisingly, none of them sunk!   

The construction of the rafts was followed by even more outdoor activities, where all those interested could try a traditional Estonian swing, rock climbing, creating extreme art, volleyball, or swimming. 

Once the sun started to set, the team headed off to build fire sculptures and once it was completely dark, the sculptures were lit during an awestriking fire show.  

The eventful day came to a close in a more relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by good food, good drinks, lots of socializing, and top-notch company.   

“The feedback we received shows that people really enjoy the Summer Days and that’s just a pleasure to hear,” Eero noted. 

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