Uptime was recognized with the Cornerstone of National Defense award 

The Estonian Centre for Defense Investments (ECDI) acknowledged its partners with the Cornerstone of National Defense award. Awarded for the third time, this prize highlighted companies from Estonia and abroad that have contributed to the advancement of national defense. 

At the annual appreciation event for ECDI partners held on March 1st, our contribution was recognized. In his speech, Magnus-Valdemar Saar, the Director General of the Estonian Centre for Defense Investments, said, “I thank all our partners for their contribution in 2023 in delivering defense material, constructing buildings, and providing services – totaling more than 600 million euros. This money has transformed our defense capabilities, and thanks to you, Estonia is more secure today than ever before.” 

The culmination for our company was the announcement of the title of Development Partner of the Year, with the following words: 

“In the governance area of the Ministry of Defense, we use hundreds of different information systems to organize, automate, and accelerate our work. And we are not an easy client for developers. We have extremely high demands for data security and data protection, which requires excellent cooperation between the client and the developer. A good development partner provides us with expertise and experience that we lack. They understand what value means to the customer and focus on creating that value. This year’s Development Partner award goes to our long-term partner, with whom we cooperated to create a new document management system for the Ministry of Defence. The Development Partner of the Year is Uptime!” 

The title bestowed upon us carries great significance. We would like to thank the ECDI for the opportunity and trust given to us to contribute to national defense. 

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