Uptime Wrote an Article in the Magazine “Director” about How to Find the Talents in IT Industry

In search of IT specialists, talent must be recognized – You have to find those who are already able to „jump and lay a basketball from top to score“, but how to do it and how to recognize a talent? Uptime CTO Raimo Seero and marketing specialist Kaido Einama wrote about it in the March issue of the magazine „Director“.

The magazine „Director“, issued by Turundusproff OÜ and aimed at top and middle managers, have focused on personnel issues in March. The Uptime story focuses on finding talent, but also noting that training and developing company´s own workers skills is of course also important. However, the search for talent is a rather new hot trend in staffing, because talent is not always easy to recognize. But if you have found the right talent, then the recruiter will face next problem – how to attract them to accept job offer?

What developers really want is also mentioned in article – Raimo Seero has made a summary of the research of largest online community of developers – the Stackoverflow, which asked, what programmers really want. It turns out that this is actually a myth that developers are frequent job-seekers and constantly changing their employers. On the contrary: because programmer is usually satisfied with his work and it is also a hobby for three quarters of the respondents, it is very difficult to attract them to work for another company. The motivator must be very high.

Read more from March issue of Director, pp. 40-47.

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