Uptime’s HR manager: You Can Work in IT Without Being a Programmer

If you’re not deeply interested in programming, the IT sector may seem inaccessible, as when it comes to IT work, developers are usually the ones getting all of the attention. However, Uptime’s HR manager Marge Peekman recommends thinking more broadly and stresses that even those who don’t think in the context of ones and zeroes, can find a job in the IT world.

“While developers are at the heart of every development company, no truly successful software solution or product is brought to life by code alone. IT is a team sport, and people in many different roles play an important part – some more technical, some less so,” she said. “So if programming is not something you’re interested in, it’s worth taking a look at the bigger picture and at the different roles companies are hiring for.”

For example, Kozaczka pointed out that almost all companies are always looking for project managers and analysts, who work with developers and architects to map IT solutions and keep development processes on track. Working as a tester or designer can also be an interesting challenge.

“If you have the desire to work for an IT company, there is no shortage of interesting challenges. Any young person who sees their future in a more technical company should think about their interests and look at the different opportunities available in the field. If the main interest is design and creative work, there is always a shortage of good UI/UX designers, and the same is true, for example, if the main interest is in process management and solving complex situations – a job as a project manager awaits,” said Peekman.

She also stressed that in most IT companies, it is possible to move from role to role as skills accumulate and with sufficient learning. “It’s not uncommon for someone to start as a tester, for example, get addicted to programming, learn it on the side, and over time move more and more towards development. Interests change over time, and given how fast the IT sector is changing, it’s the best place to evolve,” she added.

However, she noted that working in any role in an IT company requires an interest in more technical subjects and a sense that technology and innovation is something that excites. “If you don’t have that immediate pull, it’s probably easier to break into another sector. But if the world of technology appeals to you, the doors are always open,” she said. 

“There’s always a need for developers, and if that’s the type of work you’re looking to do, it’s definitely worth taking the bull by the horns and learning the skills that you’d. But if the coding track doesn’t appeal to you, there are other exciting opportunities – you just need to keep your eyes open and find the role that matches your aspirations,” she added.

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