Uptime’s Summer Days 2022: From Fencing to Life-Size Foosball

While Uptime’s annual Summer Days are always a blast, then this year’s event in Pärnu raised the bar even higher – for the first time, Uptime’s and Opus’ Estonian teams came together alongside the Polish, Danish, and Norwegian teams, to relax and catch up after a busy summer. 

“Summer days are always special, but this time they were a little more special than usual. In previous years, the pandemic imposed its restrictions, and not all of our teams could come to Estonia, but this year we were able to make up for it – and then some,” said Eero Tohver, CEO of Uptime.

Eero added that the Uptime family has been growing rapidly over the past few years – in 2020, Uptime Group was joined by Opus in Estonia and Uptime Development in Poland – which means that this year’s Summer Days were bigger than ever. “All the offices were represented by a large contingent, which meant that more people than ever got to spend time together. While last year only Opus’s and Uptime’s Estonian and Polish teams could join, then this year everyone was present,” Eero said. 

Michal Jankowski, head of Uptime Development, which operates in the Polish market, said that the opportunity to come together as a group is a great bonus for every team member. “We see each other on the computer screen every day, but it’s no substitute for meeting face-to-face. While we had already met Opus’ and Uptime’s Estonian team, it was the first time that we got to see the Danish and Norwegian teams,” he said. “Of course, the opportunity to spend a few days away from the usual environment is also a nice change for each team member.” 

Margus Eha, CEO of Opus, noted that the annual summer event, which gets bigger and bigger every year, helps to keep everyone motivated and the team spirit alive. “Even though we work together all the time, it is inevitable that we only meet a small number of our colleagues in our daily work. Summer Days are therefore the ideal place to expand your circle of friends and see that hundreds of people are working alongside you towards the same goals,” he said. 

Uptime Summer Days 2022: from fencing to foosball

The Summer Days kicked off with the traditional hoisting of the flag and an opening ceremony, followed by a series of unique team games. Teams had to work together to defeat large and complex 3D cubes, take on a full-size game of beer pong, and solve a giant game of memorine in a sporty atmosphere.  

Alongside the team games, the highlight of the event was a fencing tournament hosted by Tallinn Sword Fencing Club. After a quick introduction of the rules and a recitation of safety principles, everyone was able to don a white suit, put on a helmet and grab a sword in an effort to take home the tournament win. 

The evening was rounded off with a fun pool party, which provided an opportunity to relax with good food and drinks, enjoy the sauna and chat with all colleagues in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

“Summer Days have become more and more exciting every year and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us next year,” said Eero. “There will definitely be more of us, but apart from that, everything is still a surprise.” 

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