Uptime’s Winter Event: Have a Look What we Got Up to this Year

Uptime recently hosted its traditional Winter Days, the theme of which was making new acquaintances, rediscovering the old, and experiencing real adventure. This year, the ever-popular tech-day section and the always-looked-forward-to evening social activities were mixed with the opportunity to explore the usually-closed parts of Tallinn, Estonia, with Patarei Prison and the soviet-era performance space Linnahall opening their doors. 

“The Winter Days have become bigger and bigger every year. This time, in addition to our long-time friends from Opus and Uptime’s offices in Estonia, Denmark and Poland, we were delighted to welcome the team from Krakow, who joined Uptime at the end of last year,” said Eero Tohver, CEO Uptime. “We often see our colleagues through a computer screen, but there’s no substitute for meeting face-to-face.” 

While the traditional Summer Days are characterised by outdoor activities and more active entertainment, the Winter Days usually include educational seminars, exciting excursions, and lively entertainment. Last year’s Winter Days offered a chance to see Tartu’s street art and the views from the top of the Plasku Business Centre, while this year otherwise closed buildings opened their door to Uptime.

In the Patarei Prison, visitors were able to learn about the conditions that once existed there and the building’s long and colourful history, while in Linnahall, visitors had the chance to explore rooms that are hardly ever seen. “For many locals, a visit to Linnahall was a rediscovery of a once familiar space, while for others it was something totally new. It will be interesting to see how the organising team outdoes themselves again next year. But there is no doubt that they will succeed in doing just that,” Eero added. 

The evening was rounded off with entertainment at the Proto Discovery Factory, where, in addition to good food, drinks and music, people could experience all the interactive activities the centre is known for.  

New faces and old acquaintances 

At Uptime, it is a tradition for employees from all countries to get together at least twice a year for exciting events. Eero pointed out that the Norwegian office was unable to attend this year’s Winter Days, but luckily, Uptime Krakow’s team had the opportunity to meet all of their new colleagues for the first time. 

“Our team has been growing rapidly over the last few years, and this time there were nearly 140 of us. We can expect more new faces to join us during the summer days, which traditionally take place in August. We are actively growing our teams and there is reason to be excited!” he added. 

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