5 Useful GitHub Repositories that Will Benefit Any Developer

Learning on your own is an essential skill when learning to code and there’s no shortage of useful guides, tutorials, and other materials. A new concern is arising, however – there are now many useful tutorials, training courses, and guides that it is easy to get lost in the maze of material. If the picture is already getting blurred, Uptime’s Chief Technology Officer Raimo Seero recommends taking a look at five different GitHub repositories with clearly aggregated materials to help you focus your studies and find the best tools out there.

Developer Roadmap

Where to start, which topics are most important in the first phase, and how to move from learning one language to learning some of its frameworks? These are the questions that the Developer Roadmap answers. It provides a very clear roadmap for learning about different principles, languages, and frameworks, allowing you to tackle the important topics in the right order and at the right time.

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Project Based Learning

The best way to learn something is to actually use it. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right idea, and it can be hard to know which language or framework is best suited to a particular project early on in the learning process. Project Based Learning tries to address this by bringing together practical tasks in different languages to help you develop your existing skills further.

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Every Programmer Should Know

There are hundreds of topics that a successful developer needs to understand. While most of the approaches, basics, and best practices are easy to remember, it’s easy to forget something from time to time. Here you will find a wide range of factual information and useful links to help you learn something new, or recall something you have forgotten. For example, you will find overviews ranging from the principles of data structures to how stock options work.

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Frontend Dev Bookmarks

This is a useful collection of links for all front-end developers. Where to find industry-specific news? What is WebAssembly? Where to find good UI components? What are the principles for managing application versions? These and many other useful reviews are waiting for you here.

Coding Interview University

This collection of useful materials is similar to the first – here you’ll find a complete overview of how to become a developer, what to focus on and what to leave out, how to approach understanding certain concepts, and what employers are really interested in today.

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