Eero has been involved with Uptime since 1997 and has been managing the company from the year 2000 onwards. He is also Uptime’s biggest shareholder. Eero is responsible for Uptime’s day-to-day affairs, strategic planning and management, acquisitions, and partnership development.

Raimo joined Uptime during his university studies in the year 2000. Today, he is the CTO of Uptime and of the company’s shareholders. Raimo is responsible for our tech portfolio, oversight of technical employees, and crafting estimates & proposal for custom software development solutions. 

Marge joined Uptime in 2018 and is responsible for the oversight of HR and recruitment. She also deals with interviews, targeted searches, and all personnel matters.

Gregor Sibold

Gregor joined Uptime in 2021 and is responsible for Uptime’s marketing initiatives in its HQ and other markets. In addition to that, he handles Uptime’s media relations.


Ronni Haastrup Madsen

Ronni manages Uptime’s Danish affairs and sales as the CEO of Uptime Development Denmark. He has worked in software development for more than 15 years.


Michał is responsible for managing our Polish office and sales. He has been working in the IT sector for more than 15 years, with wide-ranging experience with various industries, including automotive, finance, pharmaceuticals, and energy.


Ole-Kristian is responsible for the general management of Uptime’s Norwegian affairs and sales. Ole-Kristian began his career in 2002 as a system developer and has worked in various positions since then, up to and including the role of CEO of Uptime Consulting.


Ole Rasmussen

Ole is responsible for Uptime’s business development activities in Switzerland and bordering markets. He’s been forging customers relations since 1998.

Business Development

Rando Siimon

Rando, responsible for Uptime’s business development and customer relationships, speaks English and Estonian. He has been building customer relationships since 2012 and from the autumn of 2016, he has been an integral part of our team. 

Ole Rasmussen

Ole, originally from Denmark, also speaks German, Norwegian, Swedish, English, and Estonian. He has been connecting Scandinavian and Baltic businesses since 1998. In 2013, Ole joined Uptime and has since been responsible for our international sales and customer relations.


Office in Norway

Uptime Comperio AS
Munchs gate 7,
NO-0165 Oslo

Tel: +47 22 33 71 00
E-mail: info@uptimecomperio.no

Office in Switzerland

Uptime Schweiz AG
Grundstrasse 22a
6343 Rotkreuz

Tel: +41 44 400 21 00
E-mail: info@uptime.eu

Office in Denmark

Uptime Development A/S
Lysholt Allé 10
7100 Vejle

Tel: +45 7020 6959
e-mail: info@uptimedevelopment.dk

Office in Poland

Uptime Poland
Rydygiera 8 (11th floor)
01-793 Warsaw

Tel: +48 502 714 161
E-mail: poland@uptime.eu

Office in Tartu

Uptime OÜ
Soola 8
51013, Tartu

Tel: + 372 603 1700
E-mail: info@uptime.ee

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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