Created by Uptime: Sign365 Enables Digital Document Signing in SharePoint

Uptime has released the Sign365 module that allows companies using Microsoft 365 cloud services to digitally sign documents via ID-card, Mobile-ID, and Smart-ID without ever leaving SharePoint. 

Up to now, employees have had to manually download files from SharePoint and then sign them with the DigiDoc application. With the solution created by Uptime, all one must do is to click on the file and the signing process takes place in the browser without ever downloading the file. 

“The option to use Sign365 makes SharePoint deployment in an enterprise environment even more appealing. It’s already one of the best options for document management, automation of routine tasks, and intranet solutions. Adding the option of digitally sign documents makes the entire package even more complete,” said Raimo Seero, Chief Technology Officer of Uptime. 

With Sign365, anyone with access to a file can add a digital signature to the document. This means that depending on how the company’s processes are set up, a department head can create, for example, a contract using pre-configured semi-automatic forms and then choose to send it automatically to three specific board members for signing. 

Similarly, one can create a new document from scratch and sign it themself, start the signing process through an automated process, or send it via e-mail, a Teams message, or any other sharing option to anyone who needs to sign a file. The signing workflow, like the entire SharePoint experience, can be configured to meet the needs of a specific business. 

“SharePoint offers essentially an unlimited number of configuration and customization options, which means that each company’s environment can be set up to suit the needs of that particular firm,” explained Seero. “As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have been creating SharePoint business solutions since 2006, and now we can offer our customers the Sign365 module as well.” 

Cloud can’t wait 

Seero noted that although cloud-based document management solutions are being used by an increasing number of companies every day, there are still many companies that avoid them for one reason or another. “It’s really just an illusion – your employees use cloud services, you just don’t have control over them,” he said. 

Therefore, Seero recommends that companies, that have not yet moved their document management and collaboration from emails to something a little more sophisticated, certainly do so. 

“Smaller companies can find a variety of pre-made solutions that can be configured in half a day. However, for a larger company that requires improved functionality, security, and control, it would be worth considering using a custom-built SharePoint solution,” he noted. “One part of it is simply document management and collaboration solutions, but by choosing custom-built SharePoint solutions for your business, you can create a system that will serve you for years to come and that significantly reduce security risks, data loss, and pointless administrative and manual work.” 

Uptime’s Microsoft Gold Partner Certified team has been building custom SharePoint solutions since 2006. The SharePoint platform offers an unlimited range of options to meet the needs of businesses, enabling the creation of internal and corporate websites, document and information management systems, collaboration solutions, BI tools, and automation solutions that significantly simplify routine tasks. 

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