Uptime Awarded Microsoft Gold Partner Status for the 16th Year in a Row

Uptime has been awarded Microsoft Gold Partner status in the field of Application Development for the 16th consecutive year. In addition, Microsoft awarded Uptime Silver Partner status in the Messaging and Collaboration and Content categories. With this year’s partner title, Uptime is the only Estonian company to have qualified as a Gold Partner for 16 consecutive years.

“The Gold Partner status is an aknowledment of our team’s capabilities, the projects we have completed during the year, and our long-standing commitment and expertise in using Microsoft products. Becoming a Gold Partner is a clear expression of Microsoft’s confidence in us as a partner and further confirms to our customers that we can provide them with top-quality development services, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business,” said Raimo Seero, CTO of Uptime.

Seero explained that Microsoft’s product portfolio, together with Azure, provides a robust platform for developing business-critical applications that help companies make their day-to-day operations more efficient, secure, and profitable. “Software solutions created by us are used by companies such as Alexela, Ragn-Sells, Coop, Äripäev, G4S, ABB, EAS and many other,” he said.

Seero pointed out that one of the biggest strengths of the Microsoft platform is its longevity and a wide scope of use. He also pointed to SharePoint and Microsoft 365 products, which enable the creation of information management systems, internal websites, systems for automating routine activities, collaboration solutions, business analytics tools, and much more.

“Uptime employs the leading SharePoint experts in the region, many of whom have been working with the platform since its inception. Long-term experience, continuous practice, and development of new solutions allow our SharePoint development team to create solutions that are hard to find elsewhere,” said Seero. “Customer approval has been clear and unanimous, and we have been a long-term partner for most of our SharePoint customers for many years.”

In addition to the Estonian office, Uptime’s offices in Denmark, Norway, Poland, and Switzerland also offer SharePoint business solutions, while meeting the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.

Microsoft Gold Partnership proves quality

Microsoft’s Gold and Silver Partner status is a guarantee of quality, confirming that the company has the necessary expertise and capability to build business-critical software and to offer support throughout its lifecycle. To qualify for Gold Partner status, companies must meet strict criteria during each assessment period, including having a certain number of certified professionals, a certain number of successful projects, clear QA principles, and much more.

“Unlike many other awards and partner programs, with Microsoft, it’s not enough to just say the right words to achieve the desired status. Every year, you have to show clear results and prove to Microsoft that you can indeed make the most of the solutions they offer,” said Seero. “For 16 years in a row, we’ve been able to do that.”

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